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Suction Dredge

These days there is practically no such thing as a dredge without suction, and it isn't hard to guess why. Although earlier technologies involved nothing more complicated that disrupting riverbeds to send the slurry downstream, today's more efficient technologies are expected to reclaim the sediment instead. If it isn't being used to replace land elsewhere or seed industrial processes, it still must be disposed of away from the water.

This is why having strong suction on hand is essential to safe and effective operation. Most dredges come with suction pumps built in, but it's not unusual to see these becoming clogged or broken with age. Here at Dredge Source, we are proud to offer suction devices for every type of dredge, including major industrial efforts that require significant power.

The Right Suction Dredge

Of course, more power isn't always better--you want to match the suction to the machine itself. Augers, backhoes and cutterheads require different suction depending on how effectively they break up sediment, as not all slurry is equally viscous. If you have found yourself lacking in this area, however, it's time to get into the market for something better.

Look around this site and you will find suction dredge machinery to suit every budget. From very basic pumps designed to work with slow-moving barges to power industrial versions that can handle major pipelines, you will not find a more complete listing of suction parts large and small. Please make contact with us by phone or email at (913) 219-4051 or richard@dredgesource.com if you want to learn more about any of the products you see here.

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