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Bucket Dredge

Using a bucket dredge properly demands that you understand something about its operation. Although most dredge operators are familiar with the circular motion that draws sediment into the boat, subtler details can often inform just how effective that action really is. Issues such as bucket size and angle, as well as the power of the circular lines, can all play a part in making your operation fail or succeed.

Here at Dredge Source, you get access to a wide range of bucket dredges and the technologies that make them run. Whether you are clearing a deep waterway or simply want to remove excess sediment from a standing lake, a quality bucket dredge can cut your work in half. Because this apparatus is comprised of so many parts, it is essential to arm yourself with quality technologies throughout the machinery.

A Bucket Dredge Does It Better

Bucket dredges come with a number of significant advantages, which may be why so many corporate and municipal clients prefer this action. Unlike cutterheads and augers, bucket dredges do not actively grind rock and hardened deposits into the surrounding fluid. That means you get less slurry and fewer of the attendant environmental issues associated with contaminated water.

Feel free to check back often if you want to get the very latest prices and information on bucket dredge technology. Dredge Source boasts more than 15 years of combined experience in this marketplace, and today we are regularly cited as the Web's finest destination for dredge technologies. Try us at richard@dredgesource.com or call (913) 219-4051 today if you want to learn more.

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